Thursday, February 24, 2011

Unsere Schule

Wir wissen schon das die amerikanische und deutsche Schulen unterschiedlich sind. Wie ist das in deiner Schule? Beschreib deine Schule... die Fächer, die Lehrer, die Klassen, die Schüler, usw.

John & Eric

Wyatt & Austin


  1. Anonymous said...

    Hi ,
    today our timetable is kinda boring . We have math , English , French , history and German .
    My favourite class (= Lieblingsfach not Lieblingsklasse ! ) is biology . We go to school from 7:50 to 13:00 o´clock . But we have to do al lot of homework !
    Here in Germany you mustn´t drive a car unless you are 18 years old .
    I my freetime i love doing sports and listening to music .
    Have a nice day

  2. Hello everbody ,
    our school is a bit different.
    Wir haben erst um 7:50 am Schule und nur 2 mal pro woche Nachmittagsschule bis 15:15.
    normally our school ends at 13:00
    So we got to learn our vocabs for example. at home.but our subjects are kind of similar.
    Wir haben Biologie,Kunst,
    Wir sagen "mein lieblings Fach" nicht "meine lieblings Klasse" :)
    we have 28 pupils maximum in class.
    so thank you for that video,
    it was interesting to see how the e american pupil talk german.

  3. Well here we get out of school at three o'clock (or 15:00). Then even after that we still have homework. However when I do have free time I like playing American Football, video games, or playing/ listening to music. However everyday we have the same subjects at basically the same time everyday! After awhile the repetitiveness of it all gets kind of annoying. And thanks for the help clearing up how to saying "My Favorite class" it was confusing me slightly. Thank you for the feed back. Bye!

  4. Thank for the good response your school hours are shorter than ours. We go by standard 12 hour clocks. Your classes are very similar to ours. Thank for sharing.

  5. Thanks for the coments. Depending on what class you have here depends on the class size. I have a class with 60 people. does germany run on a 24 hour clock? Your 13:00 is our 1:00. Our school gets out at 3:00 (15:00). Once again thanks for the coments.

  6. Hi,
    mein Lieblingsfach ist Physik, Latein(latin) mag ich nicht. Nach der Schule spiele ich auch gerne Tischtennis oder Fußball, treffe gern Freunde oder hör Musik. At the weekend i liki to go skiing. the best scene is when the pencilcase is thrown against the wall... :) we do something like that often ,too.